How to stand out from the competition

As the field of animal rehabilitation and physical therapy grows, so does the competition around us. Is hat a bad thing? Not at all because competition leads towards growth and innovation. However, you are probably wondering how do you stand out from your competition. Listen to today's episode as we discuss:

  • There is no best cheapest around, and the importance of charging for the level of service that PEOPLE WANT
  • Setting up a customer journey and experience that will set you apart and attract the right type of clients who value you and your time
  • How marketing plays a vital role because their customer experience starts way before they actually see you for an appointment 

Here is a big takeaway: You can’t just be the other alternative… the argument that you are just clinically better, or have the latest piece of equipment or whatever is just not enough to make yourself standout anymore. 

How do you learn to develop a marketing strategy that will help you stand out? Follow this link to sign-up for our Marketing Blueprint program that I discuss at the end of the episode! This was a 4-week program that we ran last September and it was very well received, and now you will be able to have full access to it, including to all training videos and group calls, to review at your own pace.


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