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Join us for a 4-week virtual course where we tackle traditional and digital marketing in the canine rehabilitation field. Get ready to take your canine rehabilitation business to new heights with a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, strategy, and implementation. From email marketing to automation, Google to social media, content creation to branding, and building relationships with other pet-related businesses in your area, we've got you covered! 

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Wondering how to overcome Marketing Ruff-spots as a Canine Rehabilitation Business owner?

  • Are you busy treating patients and feel lost about how to develop a marketing strategy and don't have hours to spend on it?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with where to start with your marketing, especially when it comes to Social Media?
  • Would having an automated marketing system that includes email follow up to form submissions save you time?
  • Is it tough getting local veterinary clinics to understand how your services can be a helpful addition to theirs?
  • Do you struggle with bringing in new patients and want a self sustaining lead generation machine?

The Marketing Blueprint is a 4-week course. Each week include a series of pre-recorded training videos to watch along with a with Q&A and discussion centered around the topics for that week. By the end of the program you will have not only developed a much more in-depth knowledge about marketing, but most importantly will feel empowered to understand how to implement those marketing strategies in a way that it does not feel overwhelming and will drive new patients and growth to your canine rehab business. 


4 Weeks to Propel Your Marketing

Week 1

Defining your target audience

In week 1, we will be diving into figuring out your avatar. We can't market to everyone, and we sure as hell shouldn't be marketing canine rehabilitation, so we need to define who is your target audience. We also delve into developing your brand message.

Week 2

Mastering your message

In week two, I'll show you how I regularly keep in touch with my leads through email marketing, how I automate that process and best practices for optimizing your website to get the best reach and responses.

Week 3

Getting people to find you

In week three, I'll show you how I made Google my lead generation machine, how we use AI for content creation and the importance of a social media management tool to plan ahead.

Week 4

Building your network & referral sources

In week 4, I'll discuss tactics that I use to build relationships with referral partners. This includes how I found success with lunch & learns, get leads through community events and build expertise with veterinary reports.


Hi I'm Francisco Maia

I'm the owner and founder of TheK9PT - Canine Rehabilitation and Wellness, a fast growing canine rehabilitation clinic in the Chicago area. I also work as a social media and online content consultant for the Canine Rehabilitation Institute, and am a co-instructor for their Business of Canine Rehabilitation course. I have a passion not only to help dogs, but also to help canine rehab therapists grow the field of animal rehabilitation, which led me to starting my flagship program, TheK9PT Academy, in January of 2019. To date our programs has already helped 75+ canine rehab therapists start and grow their canine rehabilitation practice by using the same strategies we used to build TheK9PT into a 2,500 square/feet clinic with over $1.8 million in revenue through the years, and now I want help canine rehab therapists make their passion into a successful and profitable career!

"Working with Francisco has been amazing. Francisco is the best mentor I’ve ever had. I’m not trying to be cliché or anything but truly, I have never felt like somebody that wasn’t genetically predisposed to be supportive to me. Somebody that isn't in my family to be unconditional about guiding me through the steps that I need to succeed, get started with the business that I like, serving the population that I like and essentially just being honest and patient and allowing me to skip the hurdles and skip the pain of running into obstacles because he is already gone through that."

- Edriana Fermin PT, DPT, CCRT

"I would definitely recommend TheK9PT Academy to other PTs who are looking to get into canine physical therapy. I have almost 10 years of experience working full time with animals, and I switched from a really busy successful career in a specialty practice and decided to open my own business. I felt that I was really good in my clinical skills and networking with other practitioners, yet I didn’t have a good sense of what to do to really build up my business. TheK9PT Academy came along in just a perfect time and really helped me be able to find the tools that I need."

- Jenny Moe PT, MS, DPT, CCRT, APT

"Working with Fran has really open up my mind and explored that it is possible for a PT to do this. He has been an open book, sharing a lot of his successes but also his whole story. His low points, some of his failures. He is very real and I appreciate that. It’s just been really helpful working with someone who is very honest and just providing guidance in believing in you when you don't always believe in yourself. He has a wealth of knowledge not only with rehab, but with the business part of it. He has been wonderful to work with and I would recommend him in a heartbeat."

- Sommer Hall PT, MPT, CCRT
Ask yourself

How can strategic marketing efforts increase awareness about the benefits of canine rehabilitation and attract more clients to my practice??

By implementing targeted marketing strategies, such as digital advertising, social media campaigns, and content marketing, you can effectively reach and educate dog owners about the positive impact of rehabilitation for their pets. Utilizing compelling messaging and visuals, highlighting success stories and testimonials, and emphasizing the unique value of your services can help build credibility and trust among potential clients. Additionally, leveraging online platforms and search engine optimization techniques can ensure that your practice appears prominently in search results when dog owners are seeking rehabilitation services. Overall, strategic marketing efforts enable you to create a strong brand presence, establish yourself as a trusted expert, and ultimately drive more dog owners to choose your practice for their canine rehabilitation needs.


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