Rational vs Emotional decision making

Yesterday I started my Business Accelerator course and we had a terrific first call. It’s such a pleasure to work with this new group of entrepreneurs all at different stages of starting their new business or revolutionizing their already existing one. From vets to PTs and everything in between, I love fostering a collaborative environment of people located all over and at different stages. Since we are just starting out, if you want to join us before we get too far ahead, I’ve included a link below! Feel free to always reach out just to chat or with questions as well.

Today’s podcast episode is sharing a rational versus emotional decision making process with your business. The question I posed as I was sitting down to record this episode is “How do we become more rational and less emotional through our decision making process”. As Business owners and rehabpreneurs, we’ll always have an emotional attachment to our business however the challenge becomes to look at those challenges in a more rational way. You’re not always going to get it right, but it will help you get closer to your goals the more you practice it! Listen to the full episode to hear more.

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