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What is TheK9PT Academy Business Accelerator?

This is a LIVE 9-week intensive business-focused course where you will work directly with me, Francisco. I will be teaching you foundational marketing strategies and tactics to help you identify WHO your target audience is and CREATE your specific messaging for your business. I will also be teaching you advanced level marketing strategies, how to create leads into PAID evaluations, and how to create LIFETIME clients. Not only that, we will dive deep into how to SELL your services charging an amount that works for you and helps you grow the business and live the life that you desire. 

Most importantly, TheK9PT Academy Business Accelerator teaches you EVERYTHING we have done to grow & scale TheK9PT into a seven-figure company and growing. You will learn how to leverage marketing & sales to build a business in canine rehabilitation that is PROFITABLE  and that allows you to have the WORK-LIFE BALANCE that you have been craving. 

Question: do you charge what you think you are worth for your services? Do you charge what you need to in order to have a business that serves you rather than the other way around? Are you afraid of getting pushback on your fees and be labeled as "greedy"?

I have coached, mentored, and consulted with 100+ canine rehabilitation business owners in different stages of their business, and I can tell you with confidence that the #1 reason they struggle is because of under charging for their services. Afterwards, how can your clinic be full and yet you are not seeing the money in the bank? How can you have a waitlist for new patients, and yet you never seem to generate enough revenue to pay the bills and most importantly, pay yourself a well-deserved salary?

If under charging is the #1 reason, you must be asking yourself what is the 2nd reason, right? The #2 reason is the inability to have a business that fulfills their lifestyle. They are working from open to close seeing patients all day and then having to use time at home to get caught up with everything (documentation, business stuff, etc). They feel like they are in a hamster wheel feeling good about helping more and more patients, while at the same time getting burnt out and spending less time with family.  Look, we are all different in what we want out of our business, and that is okay... But, I have yet to meet a business owner who doesn't tell me that they wish they had a better work-life balance. Is that you? Of course there are quite a few factors that affect that, but the main one is the fact that they feel that they can't afford to have the support staff that they need. Yes, we all need systems in the business in order to operate efficiently and effectively, but who is going to run those systems? It sure can't be you if you are already seeing patients for 40+ hours a week! You need PEOPLE, and yes, the only way you will afford them is by charging appropriately for your services! See how, most often than not, it comes down to money?

With that, let's talk about the #3 reason: Systems. Most people, even yours truly when I started, rely too much into what I call hustle marketing. That is the marketing that requires your attention and action 100% of the time. It can work, and it can be a focus when we are getting a business off the ground, but what happens when that strategy doesn't work and you fill your schedule with patients? You don't have time to focus on marketing and in return, 2-3 months from now you see a dip in the number of new patients and revenue. Then, you have time again to do hustle marketing and that cycle continues... creating a life of frustration and hustle that never serves us and our families because we never feel like we can take a break. 

That is why you need SYSTEMS. Both in marketing, so you can get new inquiries without having to keep hustling so much, and in sales so you can convert those inquiries into paying customers who will be happy to pay you what you are worth! We need to let go of the mindset that we can help everyone, and instead we need to focus on helping those who want to be helped and value us. So, do you see now how it all ties up to money? I know that is a topic that most of us despise and feel uncomfortable with, but I will help you with all that! That is what this program is all about!


Who is Francisco?

He is the owner and founder of TheK9PT - Canine Rehabilitation and Wellness, a fast growing canine rehabilitation clinic in the Chicago area. He also works as a social media and online content consultant for the Canine Rehabilitation Institute, and is a co-instructor for their Business of Canine Rehabilitation course. He has a passion not only to help dogs, but also to help canine therapists grow the field of animal rehabilitation, which led to him starting his flagship program, TheK9PT Academy, in January of 2019. To date that program has already helped 40+ canine therapists start and grow their canine rehabilitation practice. He also serves as the President of the Animal Physical Therapy SIG withing the American Physical Therapy Association.

Who Is TheK9PT Academy Business Accelerator For?

  • The canine rehabilitation therapist who was finished their certification, but is frustrated with the lack of opportunities or low paying job offers they are getting and are ready to get something going on their own.

  • For those getting certified who know that they want to hit the ground running and successfully transition from treating humans to animals full-time as soon as possible. 

  • For those who have been treating animals for while in their own business, but have hit a wall with how to grow and scale beyond just themselves. 

  • For those who might on paper have a "successful business" because they are busy treating patients, however they have no time for themselves or their loved ones.  

Join TheK9PT Academy Business Accelerator!

What All Do I Get In The Program?

  • Video modules for each week. It will be in a course format with a combination of pre-recorded content and our live group training session. Yes, there will be some "homework" along with the content so you can work on implementing what you learn. I would highly recommend blocking off  at least 3 hours a week on your schedule, in addition to our group calls, to work through that content and homework 
  • One weekly group call each week with Francisco focusing on that weeks topic. Calls will take place on Thursdays at 12:00pm (Eastern Time) and will be recorded. You can watch the replays in case you cannot attend live; however, I would highly advise you to plan on joining us live and to come prepared with questions for us to discuss around that topic. Better questions will lead to a better session and an overall improved learning experience for everyone
  • Special Training with my own marketer/Google expert, Kristen Smith, who has made Google into the #1 referral source for TheK9PT and many of our students as well! She will share all the details on how to make google work so you can take a break from the "hustle marketing" and start implementing a REAL MARKETING strategy. She will also have a unique and exclusive opportunity for those who might be interested in working with her as well. 
  • A 1-on-1 60-minute strategy call at the end of the the program with Francisco to determine what YOUR next best steps are in your business! This program is only the beginning of your journey, and I want to make sure that you are setup for long-term success
  • Exclusive promotional deal from GoCard Connect, the credit card processing company that we use at TheK9PT in case you want assistance setting up the same payment systems that we have in place along with individual customer support from our contact at GoCard Connect
  • Exclusive bonus from Canine Home Exercises, the premier online platform for home exercise programs in canine rehabilitation with over 500 exercise demos and 85 pre-populated templates!
  • 3-month exclusive access to TheK9PT Incubator Program private group  - What is TheK9PT Incubator for Uncaged Canine Therapists? It is the next step for those who REALLY want to take what I teach them to the next level! It is a 6-month program that focus on a higher level of thinking to implement the strategies from this program, and you will get access to our exclusive Facebook group for 3 months so you can ask questions and connect with other like-minded canine therapists!
  • Exclusive access to TheK9PT Incubator Program coaching calls - You will be able to join our exclusive group for 4 of our calls in October and November while you are going through this program! Those calls take place every other Wednesday at 2:00pm (Eastern Time)
  • Exclusive access to some of our best sessions of our Incubator Coaching Calls from the past - We complete 26 calls every year, and I will give you access to 5 of our top calls from 2021 and 2022!
  • Exclusive discount if you decide to join TheK9PT Incubator Program afterwards! This is a 6-month program that only opens for registration twice a year. We will open for registration once again in July and you would get an exclusive deal if you chose to sign-up for it afterwards so you can keep momentum going!
  • BONUS!!! Will there be bonus content available only for members of this program? ABSOLUTELY! To be honest, I just don't know at this time everything that will entail as I always take feedback during our calls to see what would benefit the group. But if you have worked with me then you know that I don't hold back on sharing content and systems that I have developed to grow my business, so if something I have built can help you not having to start things from scratch then you bet I will provide that content to you! For example, that could include: our sheets and system to track our leads, how I utilize IntakeQ as our EMR, some real recorded calls from leads so you can listen to how we handle objections, etc...

What Will I Be Learning Throughout the 9 Weeks?

On chapter 1 we will be diving into figuring out your avatar. We can't market to everyone, and we sure as hell shouldn't be marketing canine rehabilitation, so we need to define who is your target audience: 

  • WHO exactly is your perfect client? We can't move forward with getting people to find us online if we don't know THIS first.
  • WHAT are their demographics, psychographics, and background? 
  • WHAT are their pain points? Their goals? How can you connect with them so they know you are the go-to therapist to help them?

On Chapter 2 we will dive more into WHO you help and HOW you help them. Creating messaging that suits your branding and business all begins here! We can't skip these steps. 

  • Who do you specialize in helping? We will got through on WHY and HOW to develop a Unique Value Proposition that speaks directly to your target audience 
  • How will you help them? No, I don't mean the modalities of service that you offer (hint: people don't care about those), but instead we will go over how you can communicate the value of rehabilitation to them so they understand how you can help them and why you charge more than other clinics

On chapter 3 I'll be teaching you how to build a system with marketing that allows people to find you. The philosophy of "build and they will come" does not apply in business, and you need to work on efficiently and effectively getting in front of your audience.

  • How to have a website that turns inquiries into leads? That is key for making "real marketing" work for you. No, you do not need the fanciest and most expensive website, but you need to build something that speaks to your audience AND allows them the opportunity to take the next steps to work with you
  • I'm also bringing in my marketing team to show you how to turn Google into a lead generation machine. Why? Because once you make this work for you then you can simply just have it running on auto-pilot!

On chapter 4 we will wrap-up our marketing lessons teaching you on how to optimize some of the marketing stuff you might be doing already, while also establishing fees for your service that will get you paid what you are worth and deserve!

  • How to successfully educate DVMs on what we do building a solid relationship with them
  • how to develop a referral network beyond just veterinary referrals
  • How to leverage social media marketing 

On chapter 5 we will dive deep on pricing strategies and establishing fees for your service that will get you paid what you are worth and deserve!

  • How to structure your fees and optimize your package of sessions to guarantee buy-in and long-term success for you and your patients 
  • How to change your mindset around money and feel comfortable charging significantly more than what you charge today
  • How to handle objections surrounding price and money

On chapter 6 you'll learn how to convert inquiries into evaluations. This is a critical step if you want to be able to charge more for your services as you need to build a relationship and be able to show them the value that you bring so they are ready to move forward to an evaluation.

  • How to successfully handle the first call with a lead, including the communications skills to build a relationship and confidently have a discussion surrounding your fees
  • how to build a nurturing system, which is vital for these systems to work and to give people time to understand how you can help them and why you charge more. 

On chapter 7 we will wrap-up by going over turning evaluations into a committed paying client who will not only complete a full package of sessions but, more than likely, will also turn into a lifelong customer!

  • How to structure your evaluation and communicate how you help them in a way that shows them your true value (once again, it will never be about the modalities you offer)
  • How to convert them into a full plan of care of sessions, decreasing drop offs and increasing their commitment to your program
  • How to develop a wellness program that successfully allows them to continue working with you as long as they can, creating lifelong customers  and developing a much more sustainable business

Ready To Join TheK9PT Academy Business Accelerator? 


Cyndee Strelec, DVM, CCRT

"I would recommend The K9PT Business Accelerator for other canine rehab therapists for the following reasons: Francisco's mentoring support is valuable, the program's structured guidelines for business entrepreneurs is very helpful, and the guest Incubator Calls provided insightful information to help you grow as a business entrepreneur and as an individual.The K9PT Business Accelerator is worth the money invested because although there are other business resources available, they may not be a trusted resource with available long term mentoring and they may not be specific for helping canine rehabilitation therapist entrepreneurs."

Why are Marketing and Sales strategies important in our field? Can't I just be the best therapist around?

Here is a fact: many canine rehabilitation businesses have succeeded despite a complete lack of knowledge on how to grow a profitable successful business. Most of them are struggling now, and not due to COVID or anything like that, but because they were simply unable to keep up with the new age of technology. When they opened for business 10+ years ago they were the only ones in town providing rehabilitation for animals, but that is no longer the case. There are more providers now competing for the same market. General veterinary clinics now offering additional services like laser therapy and acupuncture, thus no longer referring out for those services. Large specialty animal hospitals now have a full rehabilitation department, thus keeping all of those cases in-house rather than referring out for rehabilitation. In the past those clinics thrived without any true marketing, but now that is no longer the case. So yes, COVID related challenges and the current economic landscape likely have not helped, but to be fair most of them were already in trouble prior to that and that only made things worse.

My challenge as I opened TheK9PT in 2017 was the fact that I am not a veterinarian, therefore I was faced with some skepticism at times. It also did not help that I was “competing” against a clinic who had been around for 15+ years and the whole veterinary community in Chicago had been conditioned to just refer to them. The solution: figure out a way to bypass the veterinary community and speak directly to the pet parent. I went on a journey to figure that out and little by little was able to do so.During that journey I learned more about what I now call REAL MARKETING. We turned Google into our lead generation machine, both organically and through paid ads, which gave us the capability to grow and scale with something that I had full control over (hint: relying primarily on veterinary referrals is a dangerous way to grow a business - what if they stop referring to you?).

Then, over time people kept talking about us in the pet and veterinary community, leading to a natural grow on word of mouth referral. But, most importantly, now veterinarians had heard of us and were more willing to refer directly to us. That opened the doors to us implementing an incredibly successful Lunch & Learn strategy that has received tremendous feedback from them due to its focus on how we help them rather than what modalities we have to offer. Today, about 55% of our leads come from Google, making it is still our #1 referral source. However, we now get 30% of our leads directly from veterinary referrals! And, most of them from veterinarians who used to refer somewhere else or even from large specialty hospitals that have rehabilitation in-house! 😱

The results: a business that I started literally with no money in the bank and no loans or anything grew into a 1,300 square feet facility. As business continued to grow I realized we were going to outgrow that space, and we have now expanded into a 2,500 square feet facility employing 3 full-time physical therapists (in addition to myself), a veterinarian, and 5 administrative staff. Our model has created a sustainable way that allowed us to thrive, rather than just surviving, as a business through COVID and economic challenges. Our fee structure allows our therapists to spend a full hour with each patient, and a 2-hour full evaluation. A “busy” weekly schedule means 24-27 patients on their schedule, but because of our fee structure that is more than enough to grow and scale a successful and profitable business. Our results and customer service are unparalleled in our local market. Do you need proof? Then check out the google reviews for TheK9PT! Yes, clients are excited and happy to pay us what we are worth!

My goal and true calling: helping other canine rehab therapists achieve the same level of success! Yes, I am damn proud of what we have built with TheK9PT and look forward to showing the rehabilitation community that the traditional way of doing business is outdated. I make no apologies for any of it. But, where can I make the biggest impact? That was a question I found myself asking a couple of years ago which led me into starting TheK9PT Academy. In the beginning it was a side project, but we have already helped quite a few canine therapists get their dream business off the ground! Now, this is my focus! I will continue to be involved with TheK9PT but I have built the business in a way that I no longer have to spend all of my time in there. That has allowed me to have enough time to offer you this program: TheK9PT Academy Business Accelerator.

I know from the bottom of my heart that what I am going to teach you can be life changing. Why? Because it changed my life. I went from getting paid $19/hour as a “rehabilitation therapist” at a veterinary clinic to now owning a 7-figure business (and growing) in canine rehabilitation, and most importantly, a business that fits my lifestyle rather than the other way around. I have spent A LOT of time, energy, and money building out this business model. I learned, and continue to learn, from some great minds in business ownership and entrepreneurship. Then, I take that knowledge and apply it to our field, which can be similar to other fields but it definitely has its peculiarities. Now, I am packaging all of it into this program and taking you through this process step-by-step.


Now, this is a journey and I won't lie to you and tell you that in 9 weeks you will have the business of your dreams, but I will give you the blueprint to get there and help you prioritize what you need to work on. It took me a few years to build all of these systems and achieve this level of success, and along those years there was a lot of energy, time, and money spent into all of it. But, I know it works and now you can have access to something that works (not just for me but for my mentees as well) without having to go through all the headaches and failures that I endured. I truly hope to see you on week 1 so we can get started on your journey of success as well!


All the best,
Francisco Maia, PT, DPT, CCRT

Some Success Stories!

Watch these short clips to learn more about how some of my mentees have applied these same systems to quickly grow and scale a successful canine rehabilitation business!


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Edriana Fermin, PT, DPT, CCRT

"Working with Francisco has been amazing. Francisco is the best mentor I’ve ever had. I’m not trying to be cliche or anything but truly, I have never felt like somebody that wasn’t genetically predisposed to be supportive to me. Somebody that isn't in my family to be unconditional about guiding me through the steps that I need to succeed, get started with the business that I like, serving the population that I like and essentially just being honest and patient and allowing me to skip the hurdles and skip the pain of running into obstacles because he is already gone through that."

Jenny Moe, PT, MS, DPT, CCRT, APT

"I would definitely recommend TheK9PT Academy to other PTs who are looking to get into canine physical therapy. I have almost 10 years of experience working full time with animals, and I switched from a really busy successful career in a specialty practice and decided to open my own business. I felt that I was really good in my clinical skills and networking with other practitioners, yet I didn’t have a good sense of what to do to really build up my business. TheK9PT Academy came along in just a perfect time and really helped me be able to find the tools that I need."

Sommer Hall, PT, MPT, CCRT

"Working with Fran has really open up my mind and explored that it is possible for a PT to do this. He has been an open book, sharing a lot of his successes but also his whole story. His low points, some of his failures. He is very real and I appreciate that. It’s just been really helpful working with someone who is very honest and just providing guidance in believing in you when you don't always believe in yourself. He has a wealth of knowledge not only with rehab, but with the business part of it. He has been wonderful to work with and I would recommend him in a heartbeat."

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