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Business Accelerator

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A live marketing, sales, operations and strategy program designed to help you grow & scale a profitable and succesfull canine rehabilitation practice.

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7 Chapters to propel your business and change your approach to business ownership

Chapter 1

Defining your target audience

On chapter 1 we will be diving into figuring out your avatar. We can't market to everyone, and we sure as hell shouldn't be marketing canine rehabilitation, so we need to define who is your target audience: 

Chapter 2

Developing your perfect message

On Chapter 2 we will dive more into WHO you help and HOW you help them. Creating messaging that suits your branding and business all begins here! We can't skip these steps. 

Chapter 3

Getting people to find you

On chapter 3 I'll be teaching you how to build a system with marketing that allows people to find you. The philosophy of "build and they will come" does not apply in business, and you need to work on efficiently and effectively getting in front of your audience.

Chapter 4

Building your network & referral sources

On chapter 4 we will wrap-up our marketing lessons teaching you on how to optimize some of the marketing stuff you might be doing already, while also establishing fees for your service that will get you paid what you are worth and deserve!

Chapter 5

How to raise your rates & charge what you are worth

On chapter 5 we will dive deep on pricing strategies and establishing fees for your service that will get you paid what you are worth and deserve!

Chapter 6

Turning leads into customers

On chapter 6 you'll learn how to convert inquiries into evaluations. This is a critical step if you want to be able to charge more for your services as you need to build a relationship and be able to show them the value that you bring so they are ready to move forward to an evaluation.

Chapter 7

Finding life long clients

On chapter 7 we will wrap-up by going over turning evaluations into a committed paying client who will not only complete a full package of sessions but, more than likely, will also turn into a lifelong customer!

"Working with Francisco has been amazing. Francisco is the best mentor I’ve ever had. I’m not trying to be cliché or anything but truly, I have never felt like somebody that wasn’t genetically predisposed to be supportive to me. Somebody that isn't in my family to be unconditional about guiding me through the steps that I need to succeed, get started with the business that I like, serving the population that I like and essentially just being honest and patient and allowing me to skip the hurdles and skip the pain of running into obstacles because he is already gone through that."

- Edriana Fermin PT, DPT, CCRT

"I would definitely recommend TheK9PT Academy to other PTs who are looking to get into canine physical therapy. I have almost 10 years of experience working full time with animals, and I switched from a really busy successful career in a specialty practice and decided to open my own business. I felt that I was really good in my clinical skills and networking with other practitioners, yet I didn’t have a good sense of what to do to really build up my business. TheK9PT Academy came along in just a perfect time and really helped me be able to find the tools that I need."

- Jenny Moe PT, MS, DPT, CCRT, APT

"Working with Fran has really open up my mind and explored that it is possible for a PT to do this. He has been an open book, sharing a lot of his successes but also his whole story. His low points, some of his failures. He is very real and I appreciate that. It’s just been really helpful working with someone who is very honest and just providing guidance in believing in you when you don't always believe in yourself. He has a wealth of knowledge not only with rehab, but with the business part of it. He has been wonderful to work with and I would recommend him in a heartbeat."

- Sommer Hall PT, MPT, CCRT

Ask yourself, why are marketing and sales strategies important in our field? Can't I just be the best rehab therapist around and pet owners will find me?

Of course you can, and should, strive to be the best therapist around! But, we cannot rely on that anymore to bring us new clients and grow our business. Long are the days of us just marketing our services and getting new rehab patients just because we are the only ones offering rehab in our area. There is more competition nowadays, and instead of becoming a "race to the bottom" to charge less from your competitors, I want to teach you how you can stand out, providing a much higher level service while getting paid what you should be paid as an expert in the field. What I teach you will be life changing! How do I know? Because it changed mine!


What All Do I Get With The Program?

  • Video modules¬†for each week. It will be in a course format with a combination of pre-recorded content and our live group training session. Yes, there will be some "homework" along with the content so you can work on implementing what you learn.¬†¬†
  • One weekly¬†group call each week¬†with Francisco focusing on¬†that weeks topic. Calls will take place on¬†Tuesdays at 08:30pm (Eastern Time) and will be recorded. Calls will be discussion-based centered around the topics and videos for that week, and should be about 45 to 60 minutes in length.¬†
  • Special Training¬†with my own marketer/Google expert who has made Google into the #1 referral source for TheK9PT and many of¬†our students as well! She will share all the details on how to make google work so you can take a break from the "hustle marketing" and start implementing a REAL MARKETING strategy.¬†
  • A 1-on-1 60-minute strategy call¬†at the end of the the program with Francisco to determine what YOUR next best steps are in your business! This program is only the beginning of your journey, and I want to make sure that you are setup for long-term success
  • Exclusive promotional deal from GoCard Connect,¬†the credit card processing company that we use at TheK9PT in case you want assistance setting up the same payment systems that we have in place along with individual customer support from our contact at GoCard Connect
  • Exclusive bonus from GoGo Charlie,¬†the premier online platform for home exercise programs in canine rehabilitation with over 500 exercise demos and 85 pre-populated templates!
  • 3-month exclusive access to TheK9PT Incubator Program private group¬† - What is TheK9PT Incubator for Uncaged Canine Therapists?¬†It is the next step for those who REALLY want to take what I teach them to the next level! It is a 6-month program that focus on a higher level of thinking to implement the strategies from this program, and you will get access to our exclusive Facebook group for 3 months so you can ask questions and connect with other like-minded canine therapists!
  • Exclusive access to TheK9PT Incubator Program coaching calls¬†- You will be able to join our exclusive group calls while you are going through this program! Those calls take place every other¬†Wednesday at 2:00pm (Eastern Time)
  • Exclusive access to some of our best¬†sessions of our Incubator Coaching Calls from the past -¬†We¬†complete 26 calls every year, and I will give you access to¬†some of our top calls over the years!
  • Exclusive¬†discount if you decide to join TheK9PT Incubator Program afterwards!¬†This is a 6-month program that only opens for registration twice a year. We will open for registration once again in January¬†and you would get an exclusive¬†deal¬†if you chose to sign-up for it afterwards so you can keep momentum going!

"I would definitely recommend TheK9PT Business Accelerator course to other animal rehab therapists. In fact, I already have! And those colleagues (PT's and DVM's) who have taken the course have thanked me for recommending the program. The information included in the course is a result of years of trial and error by Dr. Maia himself. He has already experienced the ups and down of business set up and ownership so that you don't have to. What would have taken me 3 - 5 years to learn from has been corrected on day one of my business. This has resulted in an incredibly successful first year of business. This would not have been possible without the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Maia and TheK9PT Business Accelerator"."

- Chris Macke, PT, DPT, CLT, CCRT

"Yes, I would highly recommend the K9PT Business Accelerator for other canine rehab therapists. It’s really a no brainer. It will help you build a solid foundation for your business. There is no better way to do it. Francisco has studied business for years and absolutely knows what he is doing. It will save you so much, time, energy, and effort in the long run. I’m a solo practitioner with zero employees. Since working with Francisco my business has seen tremendous growth and is pretty much maxed out to what I can handle personally. For 6 months in a row now I have averaged $20k+ each month, with my best month at over $26k. I even went to Hawaii in August for 10 days and still hit $19.5k, payment plans baby! My business works for me, it is what I want, and I’m not a slave to it. I have boundaries. All of this would not be possible without what I have learned from Francisco".

- Josh Hall, DPT, OCS, CCRT

"I would recommend The K9PT Business Accelerator for other canine rehab therapists for the following reasons: Francisco's mentoring support is valuable, the program's structured guidelines for business entrepreneurs is very helpful, and the guest Incubator Calls provided insightful information to help you grow as a business entrepreneur and as an individual. The K9PT Business Accelerator is worth the money invested because although there are other business resources available, they may not be a trusted resource with available long term mentoring and they may not be specific for helping canine rehabilitation therapist entrepreneurs".

- Cyndee Strelec, DVM, CCRT

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