3 Mistakes to Avoid when opening your Business

We’re in the middle of launching our Business Accelerator program for canine rehab therapists! I walk you through a step by step blueprint on how I started the K9PT clinic and continue to keep it profitable and successful. I’ve included a link to check it out below and of course feel free to email me with any questions or book a call to chat with me!

Today we’re going to be talking about what I would do if I was opening a brand new canine rehab business. If I was moving to a new city, knowing what I know at this time, what would I focus on to grow a successful canine business and what would I not focus on that would distract me from my goals? While keeping those in mind, I put together the framework for my Business Accelerator program. It’s been a blessing to watch students of mine apply what I’ve taught them and be able to accomplish things in half the amount of time that it took me. I put together 3 main things that I would do differently. To hear more, listen to the full episode.

Business Accelerator: www.k9ptacademy.com/business

Book a call: https://calendly.com/thek9pt/academy-discovery-call


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