Finances & Business Growth

I want to start this episode off with a reminder that registration for the CRI business course that I co-teach is open and slots are filling up fast! I also will be launching my Business Accelerator course soon and would love to see all of you in it! Below I included links to both and feel free to email me with any questions. Today’s focus is around figuring out when to grow and scale your canine rehab business especially around staff and finances.

When we decide to hire someone, instead of looking at how much we should be paying them, let's think about what they can do for us and how much that is worth. What problems can they solve for you and your business? To find this answer, we must be clear on what our problem really is first. We also need to really look at if they have helped free up our time after a training period so that we can focus on other things so that we can ask ourselves, “What should I focus on now”? To hear more, listen to the full episode!


CRI Business Course: K9PT Academy

Business Accelerator:

[email protected]