What is TheK9PT Academy Business Accelerator?

business accelerator Sep 19, 2023

This is a LIVE intensive business-focused course where you will work directly with me, Francisco. I will be teaching you foundational marketing strategies and tactics to help you identify WHO your target audience is and CREATE your specific messaging for your business. I will also be teaching you advanced level marketing strategies, how to create leads into PAID evaluations, and how to create LIFETIME clients. Not only that, we will dive deep into how to SELL your services charging an amount that works for you and helps you grow the business and live the life that you desire. 

Most importantly, TheK9PT Academy Business Accelerator teaches you EVERYTHING we have done to grow & scale TheK9PT into a seven-figure company and growing. You will learn how to leverage marketing & sales to build a business in canine rehabilitation that is PROFITABLE  and that allows you to have the WORK-LIFE BALANCE that you have been craving. 

Question: do you charge what you think you are worth for your services? Do you charge what you need to in order to have a business that serves you rather than the other way around? Are you afraid of getting pushback on your fees and be labeled as "greedy"?

I have coached, mentored, and consulted with 100+ canine rehabilitation business owners in different stages of their business, and I can tell you with confidence that the #1 reason they struggle is because of under charging for their services. Afterwards, how can your clinic be full and yet you are not seeing the money in the bank? How can you have a waitlist for new patients, and yet you never seem to generate enough revenue to pay the bills and most importantly, pay yourself a well-deserved salary?

If under charging is the #1 reason, you must be asking yourself what is the 2nd reason, right? The #2 reason is the inability to have a business that fulfills their lifestyle. They are working from open to close seeing patients all day and then having to use time at home to get caught up with everything (documentation, business stuff, etc). They feel like they are in a hamster wheel feeling good about helping more and more patients, while at the same time getting burnt out and spending less time with family.  Look, we are all different in what we want out of our business, and that is okay... But, I have yet to meet a business owner who doesn't tell me that they wish they had a better work-life balance. Is that you? Of course there are quite a few factors that affect that, but the main one is the fact that they feel that they can't afford to have the support staff that they need. Yes, we all need systems in the business in order to operate efficiently and effectively, but who is going to run those systems? It sure can't be you if you are already seeing patients for 40+ hours a week! You need PEOPLE, and yes, the only way you will afford them is by charging appropriately for your services! See how, most often than not, it comes down to money?

With that, let's talk about the #3 reason: Systems. Most people, even yours truly when I started, rely too much into what I call hustle marketing. That is the marketing that requires your attention and action 100% of the time. It can work, and it can be a focus when we are getting a business off the ground, but what happens when that strategy doesn't work and you fill your schedule with patients? You don't have time to focus on marketing and in return, 2-3 months from now you see a dip in the number of new patients and revenue. Then, you have time again to do hustle marketing and that cycle continues... creating a life of frustration and hustle that never serves us and our families because we never feel like we can take a break. 

That is why you need SYSTEMS. Both in marketing, so you can get new inquiries without having to keep hustling so much, and in sales so you can convert those inquiries into paying customers who will be happy to pay you what you are worth! We need to let go of the mindset that we can help everyone, and instead we need to focus on helping those who want to be helped and value us. So, do you see now how it all ties up to money? I know that is a topic that most of us despise and feel uncomfortable with, but I will help you with all that! That is what this program is all about!

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