Types of Leads and Marketing to the 93%

Aug 22, 2022

How do we understand the different types of leads that we attract to our business? It's an important concept to understand because we often make the mistake of assuming that everyone who is contacting our clinic is coming with a similar understanding of what canine physical therapy is. That is not the case.

We need to be able to understand how potential clients are finding us and what type of leads would they qualify as since that would change how we approach the conversation with them. First, let's discuss the three different types of leads which is the cold, warm and hot leads. What is the problem that these leads have and what is the solution that we have to offer to them?

Cold leads are those who don't know that they have a problem and are unaware/not looking for a solution to their problem. Warm leads are those who know that they have a problem but don't yet what the solution is. Hot leads know that they have a problem and know what the solution is.

Google is a wonderful tool for hot leads. Patience will run thin when using social media as a tool to turn cold leads hot. Google's job is to get people to your website. That's it! Once they get to your website, it is your turn to convert them by the content on your page and through proper optimization. 

Want to know more? Listen to Episode Four of my Podcast below: 


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