Selling in Canine Rehabilitation

Feb 15, 2023

From the very first podcast episode, I’ve talked a lot about 2 main terms that we are familiar with: marketing and selling. Now, I don’t think any of us would argue that there is marketing involved in canine rehabilitation, even if you rely solely on word-of-mouth or veterinary referrals, there will be some form of marketing strategy associated with it. Now, I have had more than one person ask me about selling in canine rehabilitation. No one would argue the need to market our services, but yet some folks fail to understand the importance of selling our services as well.

In the full podcast episode, I cover the following points that are also tied into our fee calculator. The first is, why is selling widely in healthcare but yet we don't consider selling directly to the patient ourselves. Next is that our qualifications are all that matters when in reality, the public could care less. Thirdly is that selling is about helping people make a decision. After this comes being respected vs liked, looking at if money is the real issue, what to sell and what people will think. Want to learn more? Listen to the full episode here:

Fee Calculator:


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