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Mar 22, 2023

How do we help build a sustainable business where we don’t have to rely on new patients month to month? This is a question that I come across often. 


Turning clients into lifelong customers can have an array of benefits not only for you but for the customer as well as they can get the support that they need throughout their dog’s lifetime. Successfully having a wellness plan where customers sign up is key. 


Why are most clinics struggling with this? A lot of clinics are struggling with getting people to sign up to a wellness program because they tend to start the conversation around it at the very end of the rehab program, for example during a final assessment. In reality, we need to make them aware throughout the program that they will have the option to continue working with them if they would like to. 


We have been consistently seeing 40% of clients completing their care transition into our wellness program which we call our Top Dog program. It has many perks and a standing status. Remember, people don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want and we have to create something that they want to be a part of not only for their pets but for themselves. 


Once my business started growing, I had to create something consistent across the brand for patients to have an aftercare program which also helped with sustainability in my practice. 


This has affected my business in a positive way by creating more lifelong customers to get to my target number of revenue without relying solely on new patients. Recurring appointments from a wellness program creates less of a need for new appointments as well, which also helps increase your value over time. These clients will be your biggest fans and supporters, and these relationships will create a cycle which will help you in business and in life.

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