Business Accelerator FAQ

business accelerator Sep 19, 2023

I compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that I get around the Business Accelerator for you all to read here! Still have more questions? Send me an email at [email protected]

Is this program only for physical therapists working in animal rehabilitation?
Not at all. As a matter of fact, I have successfully coached veterinarians who worked exclusively in canine rehabilitation as well. However, I will be brutally honest and upfront: if you do not believe that well-trained and qualified physical therapists (or other qualified professionals, such as chiropractors) should be working with animals under indirect supervision of the referring veterinarian, then this program is not for you. I say this not because the program wouldn’t be helpful for you, because I know it would, but simply because we would have a fundamental but significant difference in what we want for the field of animal rehabilitation. I actively advocate for true UNITY within our field. Unity that allows all qualified professionals to collaborate and work together for what's best for the pet community. Keyword being “collaborate”, which does not mean that we have to be under the same roof. At the same time, if you are a PT who believes that other professionals, such as veterinarians and chiropractors, should not be doing rehabilitation with animals then this is not for you as well. I have created a safe community within my programs that fosters just that, and I won’t allow someone to ruin that. If you work with me you will see that I am fully transparent but straight to the point. No BS. Therefore, I live by my values and no amount of money that you could pay me to coach you would change that.

Who is this program not for?
Well, as mentioned above this is not for those who don't believe in an abundance mindset that allows multiple qualified professionals (veterinarians, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc) to work in a collaborative but independent way. This is also not for someone who is interested in canine rehabilitation but hasn't even started the process of getting certified yet because I want you to start implementing some of these strategies right away. This is not for someone who is still a student but interested to learn more about canine rehabilitation - I will have something for you later this year! Finally, this is not for someone who does not have an open mind and is not open to changing the ways they have run their business so far!

Do you need to want to grow your business to the same scale that I have grown TheK9PT?
Absolutely not! If you want to keep treating patients for 40+ hours a week that is fine and understandable, afterwards that is what most canine rehabilitation therapists want. You can also create a "lifestyle business" that fits what you want, and some of my mentees have done that by, for example, choosing to work only 3-4 days a week or taking longer vacations. But, even in those scenarios you will need help and I can show to you how to grow a business that allows you to generate a very good amount revenue that allows you to pay staff to help run your business so you can keep focusing on helping your patients, go on vacation, or spend more time at home with your family.

What is included with TheK9PT Academy Business Accelerator?
Seriously, please watch the webinar :-) I have uploaded it to the top of this page for a reason. I am not hiding anything from you, but there is so much packed into this program that watching the replay will be much more efficient than me trying to explain. 😉

I am very busy over the next few months and I am afraid I won't be able to keep up. Will I lose access afterwards?
Absolutely not! You will have LIFETIME access to all the content from the program. This information will always be available to you that way you can go back and listen/review the material whenever you need to.

Will you need to implement everything that you learn right away?
Absolutely not! That would actually be literally impossible to do. But, I will help guide you so you understand on what to focus on and you will afterwards have lifetime access to go back through the content when needed

Will you be offering this program again?
YES! The goal is to offer this program twice a year, but I cannot guarantee that the price will not go up! You can join now at the lowest price that it will ever be, or you can join at a later time and pay more for it, its really up to you.

What if I sign-up and change my mind?
We believe so much in what we have to offer that we back it up with a 7 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! So basically you have nothing to lose here :-)


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