Abundance Mindset

Jul 18, 2022

Today’s topic is having an abundance mindset. Sometimes I see too many examples of scarcity mindset in our field… personally, I don’t see anyone as our competitor at TheK9PT. How is that? How don’t I see other clinics in my area, even the one where I worked at, as competitors?

I can tell you that wasn’t necessarily the case right away when I opened my business, but what I realized not that long afterwards was that we are all running our own race. We all have different goals and dreams of what we want for our business. Some of us want to stay small while others want to have a large facility with the latest technology and equipment… some of us want to have a business where we only work a few days a week or maybe we are done earlier in the day to pick up kids at school, while others want to grow a team that can help them achieve their dream. But, we are all different and we all have different goals and aspirations in life and for our businesses, and because of that we are all running a different race.

But, just because we are running a different race it does not mean that we don’t benefit from each other's success! Seriously, I even mentor a couple of rehab vets and a canine PT here in Chicago on how to grow and scale their business! The way I see, we all benefit from it! There are PLENTY of dogs who need our help, and simply not enough of us that can help them. Not only that, but the way I see it, if they win then I win! If I can help other canine rehab therapists showcase how rehabilitation can help their pets then we all won because more pet parents will be aware that rehab is even an option… if I can help a so called competitor grow their clientele and influence in the veterinary community, to the point where more people are looking for rehab (either with them or with us) then how I am not winning in that scenario? How is the field of canine rehabilitation as a whole not winning in that scenario where more veterinarians, either in general practice or surgery, and pet parents have been exposed to canine rehabilitation as an option?

That is why I advocate for TRUE unity and collaboration in our field, and if you don’t believe in that then you likely won’t connect with me, and that is OK. I believe that all of us who work in the field of canine rehabilitation (PTs, veterinarians, chiros, etc) have something to contribute to this field and our patients, and that we DO NOT need to be under the same roof to be able to do so. I believe, and will always fight, for qualified and trained professionals to be able to work in collaboration, but not necessarily under direct supervision (meaning under the same roof) from the referring veterinarian. At the same time, I will always advocate for other professionals, such as PTs and chiros who are trained to work with animals, to collaborate with the referring veterinarian and not try to this on their own without a proper referral.

Why? Because limiting everyone to have to work under direct supervision, under the same roof, only limits access to care. Doing so only limits pet owners options on how to best help their pets. Of course I will never advocate for untrained professionals to work in this field, and that is a whole other issue, but there is no reason as to why a physical therapist or chiropractor who completed extensive training to work their craft with animals shouldn’t be allowed to do so while collaborating with their patients’ veterinarians, but without having to be under the same roof as them.

An abundance mindset will not only help our field, but I promise you that it will also help your business and your general outlook in life as well.

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