Time vs Choice Management

It is safe to say that one of our biggest struggles as entrepreneurs and business owners is time management, especially when it comes to work-life balance and setting our boundaries. The year of 2023 and the first few months into 2024 were challenging due to changes we had at the clinic, especially when it came to staff which pulled me back into spending more time directly on patient care compared to what I had planned, and that made me realize that before parenthood I was able to compensate and push forward because I simply had more available time on my day… on my week.. or my month. Well, that was no longer the case and I had to be more direct and purposeful with my time, which has led me to reflect back on something I have discussed with our Incubator Mastermind students before: time management vs choice management. Listen to the full episode as we discuss:

  • how to shift our priorities and why it is more about choice rather than time management
  • why we should get extreme clear on our goals and priorities
  • the importance of expanding the box around us rather than setting hard boundaries
  • how to maximize our energy my defining our non-negotiables
  • how to become more productive with our time


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