What false beliefs are we telling ourselves

Let's dive deep into a personal development topic that I feel can make such a huge impact into how we operate our lives and our businesses: false beliefs. In today's world we are bombarded with information from social media, news, TV, etc... although that is not a bad thing, it can also lead towards us hearing some the same false beliefs over and over again. Technology has also helped us surround ourselves with colleagues who are online, which is great because sometimes it can feel very lonely out there as a canine rehab therapist and business owner, but we also need to be careful with what is getting discussed on those forums so we don't feel trapped by false beliefs. Listen to today's episode as we discuss:

  • why our brain wants to keep us in the "comfort zone" allowing us to create these false beliefs we tell ourselves
  • how to rise above false beliefs, and prove everyone (including ourselves) wrong
  • The #1 false belief for canine rehab therapists: raising our prices and worrying about people's willingness to pay what we are worth
  • will people spend money on rehab during harder economic times? Yes, but they will want to make sure they are getting value in return
  • why selling a commodity or modality of treatment is not the answer
  • how to put systems in place and develop a mindset that will lead towards a thriving and sustainable canine rehab business


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