Putting Ourselves in a Box

For this episode we discuss our decision making process as canine rehab business owners and how we can end up putting ourselves in a box. Listen to the full episode as we discuss:

  • how we can only make the decisions we need to make today with the information we have available at this point in time
  • how we can put ourselves in a box when it comes to the business model we chose for our canine rehab business, and why we don't need to conform with the models that worked for 10+ years that might not work as well today
  • how we can put ourselves in a box when it comes to our marketing strategies, and why we don't need to accept the fact that the only way to get new clients is through veterinary referrals
  • how we can put ourselves in a box when it comes to our pricing strategies by copying what others have done without even understanding if that would also work for our own business model
  • how we can out ourselves in a box when it comes to having an underwater treadmill simply because that is what surgeons and veterinarians are referring to or maybe because that is what pet owners think of canine rehab based of social media posts
  • what to ask ourselves when making a decision, both in life and in business


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