Developing your Courage Muscle

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we need to constantly be working on ourselves to overcome any insecurities and second thoughts we might be having about ourselves and this journey that we are on, and that includes working on our “courage muscle”. Much like a muscle, courage can be developed but it can also be lost. Every time we make a decision by taking the easy way out, we weaken our ability to develop that muscle and become more courageous, whereas whenever we make a bold and difficult decision we strengthen that muscle and work on our ability to become more courageous and resilient. Listen to this week's episode as we discuss:

  • How to have the courage to make decisions and keep moving forward, even when it seems like everything is going against us
  • How to have the courage to make decisions that go against the norm of what has been done in our field or against the expectations others have from us
  • The importance of working on yourself and surrounding yourself with a community of peers and colleagues who are going along this same journey that you are on


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