Pillars of a Successful and Sustainable Canine Rehab Business

Through my experience over the last few years mentoring and coaching canine rehab therapists on how to operate a successful and sustainable canine rehab business, I have realized that there are some pillars as to what allows them to achieve that level of success. Those pillars need to be a constant with any canine rehab business, no matter if you are solo or have a team, or are mobile or have a brick and mortar clinic. We always need to keep 3 main things in mind:

  • Invest in marketing, both from a financial but also from a time and energy perspective
  • build a predictable lead generation system so you don't have to over rely on veterinary or word-of-mouth referrals
  • build a selling process focused on education and information

Listen to today's podcast episode to hear more about it and dive deeper into each one of those pillars! 

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