Should you post how much you charge on your website?

Last week we talked about “how to stand out from the competition”, and along with it the fact that we need to charge enough to provide the level of service that PEOPLE WANT. Because of that, today I wanted to circle back around to something I truly enjoy helping canine rehab therapists with: figuring out how to raise their rates and charge what they are worth!

There is often a debate in online forums and Facebook groups as to if we should post how much we charge on our website. That is a very good question, and I understand both sides of the argument, but with today's episode I wanted to share. my opinion and explain why I think we should not post our fees and rates on our website. 

Do you want help figuring out how much you should be charging? I know that can be a hard thing to determine, but we simplified that for you with our free FEE CALCULATOR:


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