The 2-Minute Drill

Earlier this month a lot of us watched the Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter if you watched because you love football, if you watched for the commercials, or to watch the halftime show with Usher, but if you watched the game then you saw Kansas City’s quarterback, Patrick Mahones, march his team down the field on a drive at the end of regulation where they had to at least score a field goal to send it to overtime.

That type of drive in football is called the 2-minute drill because the offense is trying to move the ball quickly to score before the end of regulation, usually within the 2-minute warning at the of the game. Why am I talking about the super bow and the 2-minute drill? Well, that got me thinking into the importance of having that same type of strategy to different aspects of your business. For example:

  • handling the intake phone calls
  • communicating the framework as to how you can help their pets and discuss pricing 
  • client communication

Of course there could be more examples, but listen to this week's podcast to learn more about how to optimize those systems for your business much like the Kansas City Chiefs has optimized the 2-minute drill.


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