Business Lessons from Taylor Swift

Yes, you got that right… today we are discussing some business lessons from Taylor Swift! Now, although I do enjoy her music on the radio or on Pandora, I am not a swiftie and apologize in advance if I get any part of her journey wrong. Even though someone like Taylor Swift is an artist by trade, in reality folks like her are innovators and there is always so much that we can learn from those individuals that we can carry over to our lives as business owners and entrepreneurs. Listen to the full episode as we discuss:

  • the importance of creating an experience for your clients/patients that will help you differentiate yourself from any competition around you
  • the power of marketing through story telling, and how that allows your audience to connect with you in an authentic and genuine way
  • finding ways to repurpose what you are already doing to leverage new opportunities
  • shaking it off from corporate and taking control of your narrative


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