Marketing Lessons from a Sleep Consultant

Yes, you read that right! How can we learn marketing lessons from a sleep consultant? 

Our daughter has been struggling with her sleep over the last few months, and as you can imagine it has taken an enormous toll on us as well! Not just with the stress of it but of course with the lack of sleep that has been affecting all of us at home. It has been long enough now that we decided to look for professional help from a sleep consultant, and along that process I found myself on the customer side of the style of marketing that we use and that we teach to our mentees. 

So yeah, you read that right! Why? Because business is business, and like we have mentioned before we are in the customer service industry and provide canine rehabilitation as a service. Listen to the full episode to learn more about how to make your marketing message stand out from your competition through:

  • marketing the solution to their problem
  • developing a message that connects with your audience
  • building a website that delivers your message
  • and more!!!!

Turning on your Google machine:

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