Leveraging Google for your Canine Rehab business

Back when I opened TheK9PT in 2017 I faced 3 main challenges: skepticism from the local veterinary community, hesitation with them referring to me because there was already a well-established rehab clinic around, and lack of understanding on their end on how I would be able to do do rehab without an underwater treadmill since at that point in time I was starting a mobile canine rehab business. That led me towards learning more and more about marketing, and in particular the concept of direct-to-consumer marketing.

With direct-to-consumer marketing we are able to bypass the gatekeepers (in my case local veterinarians) and find platforms where we can get our message directly to pet owners looking for help. Along with that, we built our google machine, a predictable and sustainable lead generation system that allows us to acquire new patients without having to rely on 3rd part referrals.

Listen to the full episode to learn more, and If this is something that interests you, we have put together a full and FREE downloadable guide on "Turning on your Google machine while stop worrying & over relying on veterinary referrals"! We go through tips and actionable steps on how to optimize your google my business, how to optimize your website to work alongside with google, as well as how to successfully run paid google ads. Click here to download it now!

Turning on your Google machine: https://bit.ly/3ExaDEj


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