How to confidently raise your rates

This episode is coming out on Thanksgiving! As an immigrant, I did not grow up celebrating Thanksgiving but now it has become one of my favorite holidays. What I like the most about Thanksgiving is how it’s a time to reflect on who and what we’re thankful for. I’m so thankful for all of you guys, our loyal podcast listeners. I really appreciate your trust and for joining me on this journey. We’ve had our share of challenges at my clinic but I am also very grateful for my team there and how we’re trekking through our challenges together.

In today’s episode, we’re diving into raising your rates. Going into 2024, it’s about time to raise our rates again. The cost of running a business has gone up but yet we have fear around raising our prices. I put together a mini program on how to raise your rates without getting pushback. It’s a series of training videos that focus on the roadblocks that we have in regards to raising our prices along with a step by step blueprint on how to determine your fees and how to go through the process of raising your rates. The link to it is below and to hear more, listen to the full episode!

Raising your rates mini program:

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