High Performance Habits

This week, we’re on week two of the Business Accelerator program and I love teaching marketing and sales but the reason that I bring this up is that we’re really diving into our niche right now with understanding who is our target audience and the message we want to get across to them. When canine rehab therapists start to understand that concept and dive deep into who they want to help, there is an awakening and I absolutely love that. We’re building the foundation for something much bigger but first we need to understand who it is that we want to work with. Shifting your mindset from the beginning is essential and ties into today’s episode!

Today we’re talking about high performance habits. Today I want to share a book that I read that really helped me get through tough times, both personally and professionally. It’s called “High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard. Back in the Summer/Fall of 2017, I went through some really dark times and that was when I decided to go out on my own. I knew I had to figure out myself first before starting my own business and learning how to do that. Today, I share with you some of my personal takeaways from the book. The four habits that he shares in this book is seeking clarity, generating energy, raising necessity and demonstrating courage. Listen to the full episode to learn more!


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