Building an Online Business in Canine Rehab with Sasha Foster

As this podcast episode comes out, I’ll be at the Staar conference in New Jersey. If you’re there, stop by our booth in the exhibitor hall and say hi! I’ll be recording some mini interviews throughout the conference to give you a behind the scenes look at Staar. I also put together a webinar masterclass titled the “Step by Step Blueprint on Building your Canine Rehabilitation Business” that launches this Sunday. We’ll also be re-running it a few more times. Register below!

For today’s episode, I interviewed Sasha Foster. She has her masters in Physical Therapy and her CCRT. She has been a big name in the field of canine rehab worldwide. Her platform is Go Go Charlie (Canine Home Exercise Solutions) which she’s building to be more than just a home exercise program that also includes more clinical education. She talks about her journey of getting into canine rehabilitation and why she decided to create her own business within the field amongst much more! To hear what Sasha said, listen to the full episode!

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