Living For Today

Before we get into today’s episode, just a final reminder that the Marketing Blueprint program started this week! If you missed the deadline to sign up, you’ll still be able to catch up as we take a break next week. I’ll be teaching you how I grew the K9PT to be successful by showing you proven methods that worked for us. Some things that I cover are how to make engaging content, social media, Google for lead generation, beefing up veterinary referrals, website development and a lot more!

Today’s episode is called Living for today. This came from me having some reflection time and thinking back on learning lessons over the past few years. We often spend most of our time complaining that we don’t have enough of something no matter how much we actually have. We compare ourselves to other folks even though we have some momentum going and our business is becoming successful. Instead of focusing on the positives, we can get shiny object syndrome. To hear more on shifting from this mindset, listen to the full episode!

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