Building an adaptable and scalable Canine Rehab Business

If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you know that things are ramping up quickly for my Marketing Blueprint program! We’re going to spend four weeks online giving you multiple training videos that complement our live Q&A discussion based calls! If you haven’t already signed up, the link to is below! We start on August 23rd! We also have something exciting happening over the next week which is my free Marketing Masterclass titled “How to Build and Automate Marketing Strategies that will build you a Successful and Scalable Business” which is offered at four different times and days.

In today’s episode, we’re going to take a deeper approach into life in general and an overview of what the business entails and what it means to us. The only thing that you have to be rigid about is that you’re adaptable! The goal of our business should be that it helps us achieve whatever we want whether that is more time, financial freedom, having more patients to help, etc. We’re never going to feel truly free, accomplished or independent from our business unless we are not rigid with the way we approach life and business. To hear more, listen to the full episode!

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