Why you should have multiple Marketing Strategies

Thanks so much to everyone who joined our Facebook group, The Canine Rehabpreneur Hub! If you haven’t joined us already, please do now as you don’t have to do this alone! You also might have seen my announcement for my Marketing Blueprint program which launches on August 23rd! It’s a four week course consisting of pre-recorded training videos and live Q&A calls where we break down marketing strategies in the field of canine rehabilitation based on proven methods I have used at my clinic! Since this is the first time that I’m launching this program, I am offering it at a discounted rate! You have been warned that the price will go up!

While meeting with some of my students over the past weekend for my Incubator retreat, the common theme was tracking crucial metrics for their businesses so that they can know what is happening with their business and then help them to figure out the solutions to those problems. Numbers do not lie! One of these is a lead tracking spreadsheet. It is important to know how people are finding us so we can know what marketing strategies are or are not working and how we can improve on those. What clinics are actually referring to us that we did lunch and learns at? Which clinics used to refer to us a ton but no longer are? If you aren’t tracking these things, you won’t know what is actually happening. To hear more, listen to the full episode.

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