Timeless principles in Marketing

Our Facebook group, the Canine Rehabpreneur Hub is live! I’d love to have all of you not only join the group but also invite anyone to the group who might benefit from being in a collaborative environment with like minded individuals! Secondly, we're launching our brand new Marketing Blueprint program! This is a four week course, completely virtual, where we only focus on marketing from email, automation, google strategy, vet referrals, lunch & learns and more! It will consist of four pre-recorded videos and four live Q&A calls. Since this is our first time launching it, you have the opportunity to get it at the cheapest price! Today we’re going to start diving back into marketing.

A few weeks ago I attended a keynote speaker event with Dan Kennedy who is one of if not the most influential direct to consumer marketing guru of the last few decades and is well known in the healthcare industry. His strategies carry over to our field as well and in this episode, I share some of my key takeaways. I also talk about my struggles of getting the local veterinary community to trust me and refer to me when I first started practicing. I also dive into attracting the clients that I want to attract, what marketing has to do with how much I charge and how a marketing strategy goes beyond just getting new patients on your schedule.

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