Your Questions, My Answers Part II

I’m currently working on putting together a new marketing specific program so stay tuned for your opportunity to register! It’s going to be a 4-week virtual program titled the Marketing Blueprint that launches on August 23rd, 2023! I’ll cover digital and traditional marketing tactics that I’ve used to successfully grow my canine rehabilitation clinic. Also,we started a Facebook group titled the Canine Rehab Entrepreneur Hub where we can deliver our message to a broader audience and share our experience, strengths, additional resources, content and more to help and grow your business! Please join us on Facebook for some unique content and to be able to interact with us and others in our community!

This week is the second part of my “Your questions answered” podcast episode! The questions that I answer in today’s podcast episode are as follows. Can you explain how you use software's like Cognito forms and Zapier? What email marketing automations do you have and how did you set them up? What field is your mentor in, how did you find them and would you recommend different mentors/coaches for different areas of your business? When do you need a business mentor and when should you call on a coach? My business is not in the United States and I wonder if your coaching program would be relevant to me? How can I stay up to date on the latest and best practices to ensure my business stays at the forefront of the industry? To hear the answers to these questions, listen to the full episode!

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