The importance of an abundance mindset and a support system in canine rehabilitation with Carmel Keylock Cert VN, PGC An Phys, CCRP

Today’s interview is with a veterinary nurse and CCRP from Perth, Australia! As this episode is coming out, I’ll be flying back home from the UK! I can’t wait to share my adventures and lessons with you! One last mention that I will be recording my ask me anything episode when I get back so please send me your questions below!

It was amazing to hear today’s guest’s journey as I sit down with Carmel Keylock. Carmel has been in the field of animal physio for 30 years. I also apologize if the audio is not perfect as we recorded this interview over zoom! “I just found that I had this natural interest in getting things better. Long story short, I went to the UK for 6 months on holiday and learned about animal physio. Originally I thought I would help horses but since I had so much experience working with all sorts of animals, I took what I knew was working for the horses and used those techniques to also help dogs and other animals”. To hear the full interview, listen to the podcast episode!

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