How to change your mindset on hiring

I just got back from a two day business meeting that I do every quarter with one of my business mentors and a group of other business owners where we check in and discuss what challenges we have and what we’re going to do in the interim before meeting again next quarter. I always come out of these trips with tons of ideas. Not only for the podcast, but what I want to implement in my business and what programs I want to create for all of you! Stay tuned to hear more as I start to roll things out and make sure your email is on my weekly newsletter list!

Getting into today’s topic, I want to focus on hiring. A lot of my students who have implemented the things that I have taught them, are now getting really busy with patient care and are starting to consider hiring their first staff member. I remember being at that point where I actually started to lose potential business because I just didn’t have the bandwidth to handle every inquiry that came in. What have I found to be the four main reasons why we hesitate to hire and how do we overcome that? Listen to the full episode to hear the answer to that question and more!

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