4 Key Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

One of the main reasons that people go into physical therapy is because of job security. There are plenty of physical therapy jobs around. Of course when it comes to animal rehab, it is different. A lot of us had to forge our own ways. In my case, it was because the job that I was at didn’t really value physical therapy. I felt underappreciated and like there were no opportunities around me so I had to go off on my own.

Now, a lot of us are business owners and entrepreneurs even though it’s not something we necessarily wanted to be. These are the four character traits that I’ve seen while working with other entrepreneurs. The first is that the best entrepreneurs are good problem solvers and strategic thinkers. Next, the best entrepreneurs have worked on overcoming their fears. Thirdly, they’re careful with what false beliefs they are telling themselves. Last, the best entrepreneurs understand where success comes from. Listen to the full episode to hear more about these in detail!


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