Real Marketing in Canine Rehabilitation

This week, I am taking a segment from my Marketing Bootcamp this past weekend and sharing it with you all! We’re diving into real marketing this week! Why would I need to market my business if my schedule is already full and we have a waitlist? I’ll dive into the misconception of what real marketing is and why it goes way beyond getting appointments. If you missed my marketing bootcamp, below is a link to watch the replay! Registration is now open for my Business Accelerator as well!

The RMC method is what we use to build marketing here at my clinic, TheK9PT. RCM stands for real marketing cycle. It allows you to fill your schedule with clients who are happy to pay what you’re worth. Topics you’ll hear on this episode are advertising vs marketing, how to implement real marketing within your practice and how to distinguish yourself from the competition. To hear more, listen to the full episode here!

Watch the Marketing Bootcamp replay:

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