The 7% Rule in Marketing

We’re getting very close to our first ever Marketing Bootcamp THIS Saturday (April 1st)! It starts at 12pm EDT, is completely FREE and is on Zoom! Ready to take control of your marketing and find clients who are happy to pay what you’re worth? Sign up today & get marketing freebies that I use in my own clinic! The link to register and the “freebies” you’ll get are listed below!

Today we’re going to talk more about marketing and why I want to host a bootcamp. When I started TheK9PT and was looking to increase the number of patients that I had, I found myself getting some pushback from the veterinary field as they were used to referring to veterinarians doing rehab but weren’t used to sending their patients to a physical therapist. I knew if I wanted to be in control of my business, I had to figure out how to generate my own leads. I came across direct to consumer marketing or “real marketing”. To hear more, listen to the full episode!

Register for my Marketing Bootcamp:

Marketing Bootcamp freebies Register and get:

  • Social media calendar for April, May, and June
  • 5 different plug-and-use templates for a community event retractable banner
  • Customizable checklist and plan for a community event

Join live and get:

  • 30 different plug-and-use social media post templates
  • Template for a 12-page testimonial booklet 
  • Full in-depth marketing plan customizable to your business

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