Your Questions Answered!

Over the past five weeks, I’ve had five guest interviews. Four with current students of mine who are also canine rehabilitation business owners and last week with our Google extraordinaire, Kristen Smith! There’s a lot of cool things going on at the clinic and with my coaching business marketing wise and I’m very excited for what is coming down the pipeline that you will be able to get involved with if you choose! The first in our Marketing 101 series of papers is turning on your Google machine while stop worrying and over relying on vet referrals. I’ve put a link below for you to download the PDF to get our tips/tricks on how to make Google work for your business! Also save the date for April 1st when my Marketing Coordinator and I do a virtual bootcamp of sorts!

This week, I was thrilled to focus on what YOU wanted to know! Many of you submitted questions that you wanted me to answer and I broke it down into the below:

I am trying to decide on which canine rehab certification program to go with. What are the major differences between the different canine rehabilitation programs?

How long does it take to get certified in canine rehab?

In one of your webinars, you mentioned that first call that you have with prospective pet parents and how training around that first call should take place. Can you expand on that?

In a time when many therapeutic modality companies and even certification programs are marketing heavily to general practices, how can the standalone rehab practice maintain a competitive edge?

What is the difference between your business accelerator and the incubator program?

To hear the answers to these questions and more, listen to the full episode!

Download my Turning on Your Google Machine PDF:

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