Starting and Growing a Canine Rehab Business Through COVID

Today’s guest is Dr. Kelsey Jonas with Canine PT and Me in Portland Oregon. Kelsey did not expect to be a business owner but found herself in that situation if she wanted to treat patients her own way. Even talking about educating pet owners what we do, we have to be careful about how we market pet rehabilitation as not all rehab is the same. She started to learn about business while she was still getting her CCRT certification.

“I started as a human PT and knew in my first year that I could not do this for the rest of my life and so I vaguely remembered one of my classmates in my PT school talking about canine rehab. A year into practicing with humans, I thought, I should look into that. I took all my PTO and got my CCRT in 2019 and best decision I’ve ever made”. Learn more about Kelsey’s journey and thoughts by listening to the full episode!

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