Going all in as a Canine Rehab Therapist with Edriana Fermin

I wanted to start this off by reminding you that I am collecting questions for a Q&A episode. This will of course only be possible with all of your input. Below, I put a link to the form to submit your questions. You can put your name or be anonymous. If you put your name, I will of course not be mentioning names during the episode. It is just for me to be able to reach out to you directly to follow up and make sure that I answered thoroughly!

Getting into it, Edriana is a PT in Orlando, Florida who owns Unleashed Rehab. She came through my coaching program via social media when she came across a blog I wrote on how to transition from human to canine. Edriana talks about the struggle of doing physical therapy for humans and hitting numbers versus doing it because it’s what she loves. Being able to bridge her passions together (animals and PT) was exciting.

“I was concerned about taking the time off to get my certification but about a year after I got the idea to transition, I went to CRI and got certified. I was still doing human care but slowly adding a few dogs here and there. In 2020, I quit the human clinic that I was working at and went full time into canine. As terrifying as that was, leaving the security behind, along with covid hitting, my rehab practice started growing from there and it was the best thing that I could have ever done”. Edriana said.

Your questions for Q&A Podcast episode: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdPcteFs7nPWLlyuNw-E3J8s7WXuvtLcNfQs_JoiLqbiAHfqA/viewform


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