Building your business and canine therapist career while in PT school with Sonia Lucas

One thing that I wanted to mention is that after my guest series, I want to do a special episode where I answer your questions! One favor from all of you listeners, is to submit your questions so that I am able to answer them in the episode! The link to the form to submit your answers is below! Getting into this episode now, I sat down with Sonia Lucas of Austin Canine Rehab & Wellness! She has a unique experience to share! Being a canine therapist is actually a second career for Sonia. She used to be a zookeeper! While she was a PT student, she started going through my Business Accelerator program because she wanted to start the process sooner rather than later.

One of the big questions that I ask Sonia in this interview is: When was it and why did you decide on opening your own business and canine rehab? Sonia responded with “My life experiences being that you keep on working for others, I started to understand about myself that I don't love working for other people and I think that it was really important for my mental health and personal happiness to chart my own way”.

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