How to get more from 2023

I have talked about the importance of doing annual planning ahead of 2023 quite a few times over the last month or so. We actually had our annual team meeting at TheK9PT clinic and I cannot emphasize how helpful it was to have a road map of what we want to accomplish and how we’re going to do so. Going through that with my team has also helped us set priorities of what we will be focusing on this year. Even if you are a one-person show, I highly recommend blocking off a day on your calendar to go through this exercise.

While planning is great, the second part of the equation is implementing what you set up for the next year. First, business growth is not a one size fits all approach. Secondly, be clear on tactical versus strategic planning. Lastly, please remember that business growth cannot outpace personal growth! To hear more specifics, listen to the full podcast episode! Also, just a reminder that registration for the CRI business course that I co-teach is open now!

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