My Top 5 Lessons from 2022

As you know, I like to dedicate time to thinking and reflecting, especially around this time of year. With that, I wanted to touch on the top 5 lessons that I have learned in 2022 being a business owner in canine rehabilitation. As you know, I have a program called TheK9PT Academy where I help other business owners progress their clinic, open their own business and more. In addition to that, I also am co-faculty for the Canine Rehab Institute’s business course and registration for the next business program is now open! The great thing is that this course is fully remote. The next session takes place over March 22nd, 29th and April 5th. There is a link to it below.

The top five lessons that I have learned in 2022 are as follows: At first the business is built for survival, but afterwards it needs to become about what you want out of it. Two, things get easier the minute you accept that it won’t get easier. Three, success is the by-product of accountability. Four, There is always one major thing…do not major in minor things and lastly, be yourself regardless of choices or consequences. To hear more in detail, listen to the full episode!

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