Business Lessons from the FIFA World Cup

It doesn’t matter if you call it soccer or football, I bet you have at least heard about the FIFA World Cup that is taking place in Qatar right now. As a Brazilian, soccer is like a religion to me and the World Cup is a life changing event which only happens once every four years. In my clinic, the matches were always on the TV throughout it. Not only did I get to enjoy the games with pet parent’s, it was also an opportunity to connect on a deeper level and draw some important business lessons from them.

There are four main lessons that I learned from the FIFA World Cup. The first is that “there are many ways to win the game, but only if you master the basics”. The second is “things are more exciting once you have a better understanding about them”. The third is to “keep playing until the final whistle” and lastly “we live in an extremely globalized world today”. To hear in depth how each lesson relates to business ownership, listen to the full episode.

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