Sequential vs Continuous Thinking

What are you doing right now as we finish the year to make 2023 a different and better year? How many of you have blocked off time on your schedule this month to plan for 2023? To plan for Q1 2023? If you want things to change then we also need to plan for those changes… if you are 100% satisfied with how 2022 has gone then by all means just rinse and repeat, and don’t feel the need to look for something to scratch your itch… meaning, be careful with the new object syndrome.

I have realized that as business owners and entrepreneurs having sequential thinking will really slow you down and maybe even prevent you from accomplishing what you want. False beliefs that we tell ourselves partly because we have been conditioned over our whole life to think that way is to think in a sequential way rather than a continuous one.

For us to grow, both professionally and personally, we need to learn how to do things in a continuum. Life isn’t “black and white”, so why do we expect that things will happen in a particular sequence? To learn more about the difference in these two ways of thinking and how it applies to you, listen to the full episode!

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