How to calculate how much you need to charge?

Today we’re going to be talking about how much you need to be charging for your services and sessions. Once we review our numbers for this year, especially going into a new year soon, we often realize that maybe we need to raise our fees as we are not charging enough, especially the way that the economy is right now with an economic downturn or even a recession.

So how do you calculate how much you should be charging? Price is just a product of emotion. It’s not our price that is in question, but actually how people feel about it. Another thing that I go through this episode is the three ways to generate more revenue to grow a business leading up to the ways to determine your fees. I always suggest working backwards. Want to know how to do it? Listen to this week's episode! I have also included a download link to my fee calculator below which goes hand in hand with this episode.

Download my fee calculator:

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