The difference between self-belief and self-confidence (and how that affects your personal and business decisions)

Today’s episode ties up with the just released episode from the Vet Rehab Podcast with Online Pet Health where I am a guest this week!

We talked a lot about mindset and tied up to my upcoming presentation at the Vet Rehab Summit on November 12th. It is important for us to learn how to approach things from a mindset perspective, especially as business owners, and that is the focus of the Vet Rehab Summit and this episode. One thing that I discussed with Megan Kelly during the Vet Rehab podcast episode is the difference between self-belief and self-confidence.

Can you have self-confidence without self-belief? No! That is why self-belief is so important, because you can’t have confidence without belief, however, you can have belief but still lack confidence at a certain point in time. That is why it is important to understand the difference as too often people think they lack belief when in reality they are just lacking confidence due to external circumstances. Self belief is about the belief that we have in ourselves and our ability to be ok even when we don’t immediately have the answers. Self confidence is more of a continuum. We’re going to go through ups and downs depending on what is going on in our lives but momentum is always going to play a large role in it.

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