How to turn inquiries and evaluations into a happy paying customer

When it comes to lead conversion, are you mastering the basics? From my last podcast episode, you know how to make it so people can find you. Now, we will focus on how to convert them into paying customers. Questions to ask yourself, are you collecting their phone number so you can call them back? Or are you collecting their email to enter into an email sequence that automatically nurtures them? Do you have a staff member whose primary job is to nurture those leads and build that relationship? I can tell you with confidence that is the MOST IMPORTANT role in your business.

This is the reason why I hired this role first, before anyone else. Building relationships takes time. In this episode, I also focus on the amount of contact and touchpoints it takes to build a relationship and convert a call into a future appointment. Sales is an uncomfortable part of business for most people but I say stop feeling uncomfortable with the word “selling” and instead learn to embrace it because, whether you like it or not, we are selling everyday!

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