5 Pillars for Recession Proofing your Canine Rehab Business

We should always focus on growing a business that is recession proof regardless of how the economy is because “The way you run your business during the easier times will determine its fate during the hard times”… with that in mind, what are the pillars of building a business that is set to succeed regardless of our economy? The five pillars for recession proofing your business are relationship-based marketing with a nurturing process, predictable lead generation, education & information, investing in marketing and selling confidence & clarity. Once push comes to shove, and people become more aware of where they are spending their money, they will always and forever favor businesses that have built a relationship with them. When it comes to predictable lead generation, are you focusing on vet referrals which tend to come and go or are you looking for a more predictable means to gain interested leads?

In this podcast, I discuss my number one lead generation tool and how I use it effectively. The second-best skill you can learn as a business owner is sales, but the first one will always be marketing. Together, marketing and sales will undoubtedly always give you a way out of most of your problems. Selling is a transfer of energy, trust, clarity, and confidence, but during tougher economic times it becomes even more about clarity and confidence. Remember that people are still spending money, it is just that they want to make sure they are getting value out of it. Listen to this podcast episode to hear more and if you missed my recent webinar on Saturday, September 10th, go to the money talk link below to get a replay sent to you where I delve deeper into this topic and more!

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