How to run a canine rehab business through a challenging economy

Recently I had a call with our Incubator Mastermind students where we talked about the five principles of running a successful business through a challenging economy. I decided to have that conversation with them as I knew it was top of mind for them and because I have definitely seen more recently that canine rehab therapists have been talking about this topic and are worried about it  for a few reasons: drop in leads, hesitation from pet parents to commit, or because they know they have to raise their rates in the new year and the economy has changed in the last 12 months or so. With inflation, the cost of living has gone up in the United States and I’ve had conversations with friends and colleagues around this even outside of the field of canine rehab.

For example, many veterinary clinics that were successful over the past few years have now slowed down. The way I see it, is that many businesses actually flourished in 2021 and 2022 due to more disposable income due to a variety of reasons coupled with pet owners being more willing to spend more money on their dogs. Regardless of the current circumstances, we should always focus on growing the business based on certain principles. To hear these, listen to the full episode!

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