Business ownership and success in canine rehab as a PTA with Anthony Schena, PTA, CCAT

Today we are wrapping up our series of interviews! Our next episode will be my next ask me anything episode! Fill out the link below and submit your anonymous questions to be answered during that episode. I only ask that you put your name on the form to submit your questions so that I can follow up with you afterwards and make sure that I answered your questions thoroughly!

In todayā€™s episode, I am joined by Anthony Schena who is a PTA and CCAT with Alpha Animal Rehab & Fitness in New Jersey! Anthony is also starting his own podcast so check out his links below in the show notes! Anthony is a unique guest as he purchased a canine rehabilitation clinic and started running it a year ago. We talked about the pros and cons of purchasing a turnkey canine rehab clinic. Anthony also talked about how he turned lunch & learns into one of his top marketing strategies. To hear more, listen to the full episode!

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