Finding your emotion ocean

It has been really cool seeing my students implement what they have learned from my programs into their businesses lately! I also want to mention that I have some more interview episodes coming up that will be released next month into July! These are all people who have gone through my Business Accelerator program and it was cool to catch up with them and I’m excited to share their journey with you! I also think it’s important to highlight our peer group and show what other canine rehabilitation therapists have been accomplishing.

The month of April was tough for me and I had a lot of changings going on at TheK9PT clinic. I had to let go of one of my physical therapists which took me back into seeing more patients which wasn’t the plan as I was hoping to step away more! Life in general got in the way too but as I reflected back, I was proud of how I took it one day at a time and focused on getting through the challenges of that day without forgetting that I need to put myself first too! During this time of very high stress, I had to find ways to manage things and find my emotion ocean. There’s three layers of the emotion ocean (ripples/waves, current, deep ocean). To hear more, listen to the full episode!

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